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What would your life look like if you just could call up your best homie and say, “Meet me at the bar and tell me why my life or my business is falling apart, over shots.” Now imagine that conversation results in a great night filled with empathy, laughs, critical thought and strategy. That’s what we do here. Every week we will discuss an event, person or analyze a culture/business/life phenomenon to determine how to grow. Deeon Brown is a young guy in his 40’s obsessed with start-ups, marketing, innovation, art, Jordan 8s, Netflix and the human condition. He’s transitioned from street artist to entrepreneur, brand developer to analyst, creative director to marketing chief, business catalyst to CEO. This is a pretty funny weekly conversation with people like you and me, challenging who we are and what we do, heading slowly and intentionally toward midlife, always asking if there’s a bit of whiskey involved.This is Man Versus Brand.


Three things to know

Human experience is universal. We all feel the spectrum of emotion, the want for community, the need for the validation of our existence and to contribute to the world. Here at the podcast, we dig into the human experience to make us better people, owners, entrepreneurs, mothers, dads, friends.

Brands are a belief system. Brands represent associations that we have with one another, our lives, our hopes. Brands are the physical embodiment of human experience - innovation, comfort, efficiency, indulgence. Brands can also be how we appear to others. We want to know, what’s your brand and what does it say about you.

Some people seemingly exceed and defy individual human experience on a global scale. The podcast aims to dig into the stories of how those people become the embodiment of our aspirations, transforming our and their expectations: turning man into brands. Who were they before they became iconic and what was gain or lost in that journey to their legacy.


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